Version live tonight or sometime during the week-end

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Version live tonight or sometime during the week-end

Postby Atypical_Liviu » Fri May 13, 2016 4:20 pm

Beta people, rejoice, as we have a brand new version available for you (v! Well, it's not available right at this moment since it needs to be approved by Apple first, but you should be able to download it tonight or sometime during the week-end!

Here are the new goodies included in this build (aka Changelog, but that sounds too boring):

1. New controls option –> "Camera on Turret" (set as default). You can switch to the old control scheme by selecting "Camera on body" in the Options menu.
2. Options menu – "Soft shadows" (shadows will be smoother, but this option will have an impact on your FPS, meaning a lower framerate, depending on device)
3. HUD colors should be consistent throughout (same red and blue shades)
4. Battery should last a little bit longer
5. XP awarded for spotters - 25% of the damage done by teammates to the enemy the player spotted (not getting reward from his own damage inflicted to the spotted player)
6. Tank's speed is now influenced by terrain (3 types of terrain are available for now: Hard -> asphalt, paths; Medium –> grass; Soft -> sand and water)
7. When switching to Mortar view, the tank won’t stop anymore
8. Deleting cards will leave the selection in the same place
9. Trading for accessories
10. Level+1 cards in the packages (instead of +2)
11. Tank skin customization
12. Compare tanks
13. You can see friends spotted by the enemy – eye near their name. Should help players to stay out of sight.
14. Finished Proving Grounds
15. New WIP (work in progress) map – Hawaii
16. Two new missions (WIP)
17. Two new game modes in Custom Games only – Last Team Standing and Last Man Standing. Check them out and tell us if you want similar multiplayer game modes.
18. New parameters and balancing between vehicle types
19. Now you can save another players' tank (regardless if he's foe or friend) and test it in the "Proving grounds" area (formerly known as "Try" ) You are limited to 10 tanks (if you already have 10 tanks saved and then try to save another one , the first tank in the list will be discarded) Obviously, you can't use these tanks in Online matches
20. FPS can be limited to 30 (this should help with the overheating issues)

As always, your suggestions/feedback/rants and so on are more than welcome, so please make your voices heard either on the FB pages or our forums!!

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